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  1. dol3picAim:To emphasize the need to be born again and there after help my Bret hens to explain the plan of Salvation to others.

Objective: At the end of this lesson my readers must have had the assurance of the Salvation of their Souls.


SALVATION is God’s plan where by I may know our Lord JESUS CHRIST as  my personal Saviour. I must believe I’m a SINNER and that I need JESUS.

Because of His Death. I can have Forgiveness of my Sin Live now and forever with Him.1. It is the  only Way to Heaven(john:14:6).There are many ways that Man had formed for themselves in order to get to Heaven, but the only way approved by God is through JESUS CHRIST. 2.SALVATION IS BY GRACE Ephesians:2:He bore our Sins on the Cross and bough Us from the Slave Market of Sin.(john:14:6,Rom:3:23).8,9)                                                 






Grace is God’s provision made by God to be Saved through Jesus who is appointed by God Himself. It is the gift of God. Grace begins where the law Failed. Grace is bestowed and input ed in to Man hence he can be Saved from Sin. Grace brings access to god and makes full provision for growth, Victory, Peace and Power. All that the SINNER needs is FAITH in order to have the Grace of God which brings Salvation.(Read the book of Mark:16:16,Acts:16:31, Heb:11:1).

Its through Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection that we can obtain Salvation from Sin and we can Star our Journey to Heaven.  Soul Food Reading(john:14:6.Acts:16:31,).

By, Bro Kola Aliyu.                            


bolts64qjpg11.By Being in the Presence of God it is when you are coming to where God is and remain where He is that the manifestation of the supertrural could be experienced in you life. This occurred in the life of the paralytic man who was brougth before Jesus while ministering at one Inner room.(Mark:2:3-5, 11-12).


Miracle can happen in your life rigth now if only you allow grace through Salvation to permeate your life.(Eph:2:8,).


This often happens and originates from the Mercy Seats of the Most High, When many time, He manifest His Mercy in the midst of His people.He did it at a time he came from Capernaum to Nain.(Lk:7:11-17, 36-50).

He was moved with compassion and told the window to cease weeping. He touched the casket and Commanded the young man to rise.He there and then presented the boy alive to his Mother.

This month is the month of “My Miracle is  Now.” Therefore put your trust in Him, be more courageous, Jesus has designed double portion Miracle Harvest for your ecstatic rejoicing.

 Every good Miracle always follow  with Rejoicing, I prayed to you that your Heaven of Miracle and rejoicing to Open Now In Jesus Christ Name.

Soul Food Reading.(LK:7:11-17 36-50, 1kings 18: 42-45).

By, Bro, Kola Aliyu.

_41180688_families_rejoice2. BE EXPECTANT. (pro:10:18) A person who is full of expectation would receive manifestation in full.

It is when you expect that you can experience what you can experience, What you expect is what you experience. Remember that Hannah expected her Samuel and she got him, Jacob expected miracle of changes and got them,

Woman with the issue of Blood expected Healing, she got it, what about Bartimaeus? Expectation of new sight, he received it instantly. As you too expects from Jesus today, be rest assured that you will get your own there for My miracle is Now.

3. BE PRAYERFUL.(James: 5: 17).

Prayer is the only golden rule to receive from God Our Lord.That Miracle harvest you require. give yourself into real Prayer of Faith this Month of ” My Miracle is Now” Expect a speedy answer with Faith. Then by His Grace He will grant all your Heart desires.

That Man Elijah Prayed earnestly that it should not Rain, and it did not Rain on the Land for Three good years and six Months. I tell you that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the Lord.He Prayed again and the Heaven  gave Rain.And the Earth Produced His  Fruits.

You too can pray this month for a release of your Breakthrough which have ceased and there would be a release.(1kings:17 :1, 1 kings: 18: 42-45).

Soul Food Reading Proverb: 10:18, James:5: 17, 1Kings :17:1, 1kings:18:42-45).

By, Bro, Kola Aliyu.

kafanchan_email_uk1HOW TO RECEIVE YOUR MIRACLE.

1. Have Faith in The Lord you need strong faith to please God and to  please yourself.(Heb:11:6.)

Without Faith, no one can please the Lord. The Faith in you is a link that make God to settle your case in supernatural way.

When it happens, you will be pleased . This reminds me of the case of the centurion’s servant in the book of LK:7:1-10) Jesus arrived in capernaum and was embraced by captain centurion.

The Centurion displayed with great Faith and believe in Him that the miracle worker has come to heal his servant who hand been terribly sick even to the point of death. When he hand an encounter with Jesus. He humbled himself and with strong Faith he said. “Speak the word and my servant will be healed’

When Jesus hard these things, He marveled at Him and said “I Say to you, I have not found such great Faith, not even in Israel ”

Now Are you asking how can I get Faith? Well, I tell you that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the Lord.(Rom:10:1-7).

Soul Food Reading (Rom:10:1-7 LK:7:1-10).

By, Bro, Kola Aliyu.

_41180688_families_rejoice1MY MIRACLE IS NOW Text: Heb:11:Vs1: Jer 33:3. It will be very hard in this planet of over six Billion people to have less than 80% hoping for things bigger than them and surprise packages.

People wake up with new problems, they go up and down with diverse manner of burdens. They are worried and eagerly look forword to low such problems could disappear suddenly or experience a miracle.


Miracle is a supernaturral event that happens in an unusual way, Making possible Impossibilities.Virtually all people who found themselves in one challenge of life or the other are seeking for that miraculous to happen in their lives.

There are situations in our lives that look difficult and impossible. Such situations that cannot be settled naturally are committed to God for divine intervention.

Jesus Christ, is the source of divine interventions, this are His missions to turn natural to supernatural, impossibility’s to possibility’s. Ashes to beauty, sorrow to joy and Ridiculous to miraculous.

Soul Food Reading Dan 6: 27. MK,10:27, Jer:31: 13

By, Bro, Kola Aliyu.

mosesheston2703_468x611arkofcovenant5C). The Old covenant  was giving by Moses  through the Laws.

The new covenant was postulaated as follows: “This shall be the covenant  that I will make with the house of Israel.

After those days, Says the Lord, I will put my law in their in ward parts and write it in their  Hearts, and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother saying know the Lord, for the shall all know me,.

From the least of them to the greatest of them, Says the Lord, for I will forgive their wickedness and I will remember their Sin no more.(Jere:31: 33-34).

God had already started and fulfilled His part of the covenant. As our own part of the new covenant, we should be in love

Three-Dimensional Love.

Love of God.

 Love Towards Others. Love to yourself. The Lord Said”This is my commandment, that you Love One another As I have Loved you. (John: 15:12) The Commandment of the Old Testament is summarized by the Lord Himself. A Scribe asked Jesus at gathering One day “which is  the first commandment of all? “And the Lord answered.”The first of all the commandment is Hear O Israel the Lord our God is One Lord.

And you shall Love the Lord your God with all your Mind, and with all your strength…

You shall Love your neighbor as yourself.”(Mark 12:28-31).The fact is that if you Love God you will obey His commandments. Jesus our Lord  Sealed the  New covenant with His Blood at Ca vary. For the Lord Said as he established the Holy communion. “This is my Blood of the new covenant which is shed for many for the remission of Sins.”


As we begin this new year examine where you are in the new covenant.The requirement to be Saved is: “C and your house , please follow me to the book of (Act:16:31).

The demand is to be in Love with God. With your fellowmen, as well as with yourself. Let every Family and in deed every Christan.

The people of Israel made a pledge to Joshua to keep their own side of the covenant. Joshua took the lead when he declared, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”And the people Said unto Joshua. The Lord our God will we Serve, and His Voice Will we Obey.”

Joshua 24: 15-24). Today’s lesson, Joshua assembles the tribes of Israel together to have them choose whom they will Serve, Even today, It remains the most Important decision In our Lives.

Soul Food Reading, (Act: 16: 31 Joshua 24: 15-24). Bro, Kola Aliyu.

noahdovereturns1God made a Covenant to blessNoah and his families and descendants.

Noah had obeyed the commandments of God as he built an Ark to God’s Specifications. Gen 6:1-22 v 9: 7-17)

David God made  a covenant with David and his descendants that they will rule in Israel forever. (1cor:17: 11-14 2 Sam: 7: 1-17) With the People of Israel, God  made a covenant  with the people Israel (Eco:19: 5-6)

Now therefore, If you will obey my voice Indeed and keep my covenant, then you shall be a Special treasure unto me above all people for all the earth is mine. And you shall be  UN to me a kingdom of priests and a holy notion.

Then all the people of Israel answered; “All that the Lord has spoken, We will do. “The full detail of the covenant is found in (Exodus 20-23). That is the old covenant or Testament.Soul Food Reading (1cor:17:11-14).   Bro,Kola Aliyu.

abraham3isaac1Central Truth: When God makes Covenant with man, He keeps his own part of the covenant always.
I am the Almighty God, WALK BEFORE ME AND BE YOU PERFECT AND…Behold my Covenant is with you and you shall be a Father of many notions.(Genesis 17:1-4).
Opening Prayer: Lord that I may Learn of thee Give me true Simplicity when my Soul and keep it low.Willing thee alone to know In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
COVENANT: By dictionary meaning the word’Covenant’ is a formal agreement that is legally binding”.
We want to restrict ourselves to the Biblical connotation which is “A solemn Promise or vow especially between God and people in the general concept.
A, agrees to do something for B as B agrees to do something for A. There is a mutual exchange of responsibility which each is bound to discharge adequately sa agreed.
In the Biblical cotent covenant is between a higher and lower being, that is, God and Man. Inour text, God invited Abraham in to the covenant. God would make Abraham a father of many Nation.
Abraham played his part and God fulfilled His promise. We are witnesses of the results of the execution of this great Covenant.
Soul Food Reading (gen:17:1-4).
Bro,Kola Aliyu.


Pastor E.A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was a Unniverrsity Den at Universtiy of Lagos at the point of his call.

Pastor Kumyi of Deeper Life Church was also a University teacher.

Bshop Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church (WINNERS). Was aready a Practicing Architect. So also was Prophet Samson Ayoride of World Evangelistic Bible Church.All Forsook their ships and their nets and are now Master Fishers of Men.

Pastor Joseph Babalola , the Founder of Christ Apostolic Church was aTechnician at the ministry of works.(The F.W.D.). Like Apostle Peter, he forsook his assured paying job to work for Jesus.”They forsook all and follwed Him”.

In what are a or capacity do you want to serve? As a Parent, a child of your parent, a fried and Lover of your neighbors, as a worker in the church, as Gosppel Preachers, Evangelis or Pastor.

Make sure that something is on record in your Favor. Theb first disciples faced very fierce Persecutions from the hand of the Jews but the endured, bu the power of the Holy Ghost. It is the talent you have or the passion you have that the Lord will use to call you Peter Surrendered hiss boat for the Lord to Preach.

You too could spent your time to write tracts, books on the Good News.You could be a Singer and joing a Choir or recruit and build a Choir on your Own.

My brethren, there are many disciples Todays but I tell you, Hthe arvest is plenty,but still the shorage of laborers persists.

Joing the team of Laborers todays, evenfrom your Home or from your place of work.

Belong to aBible Study group or house Fellowship and be Effective.Win a Soul today.

Prayer:Lord, When you call me to follow you please give me Impeling Spirit to respond like your Frist Disciples Did. Amen.

Soul Reading Jesus Invites you to Walk with Him and Experience His Miracles.

May the Lord give you the courage to forsake your Old Ways and begin a New Life.Amen.

Bro,Kola Aliyu